Community Services

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These are troubled times with American working families and the middle class being punished by an unfair economy. With stagnant wages and soaring costs for fuel, food and health care many hard working families are hurting as never before. Some aid organizations estimate that as many as two million children will become homeless as their family's homes are foreclosed. These conditions apply to all working men and woman including our Union Brothers & Sisters.

In the communities where we live and work the United Way has been the human services partner with Unions through the Community services network. For over 60 years the AFL-CIO/United Way community Services network has provided assistance to Union members when needed. The work of the 240 local AFL-CIO Community Services Liaisons, who provide this help, is made possible by United Way funding. The United Way is currently working on a number of programs and initiatives to combat the growing financial inequity of the working poor in America. The United Way is also partnered with Unions to promote health care for children, early childhood development and education. It is vital to all working men and woman that this effort continues!

The officers of the Norfolk County Central Labor Council ask you to endorse and support the United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley 2008 campaign. We encourage you and your families to donate generously; it's an investment in our community and our neighbors.